You’re itching to dab those darn bingo numbers, but where can you find a game? Don’t worry; I will show you where bingo is happening today. Let’s take a look at all the places you can join a game.

If you want to know ‘Where Is Bingo Today’ the quick answer is online. There is simply no easier way to find a bingo game right now than searching the web. Bingo sites operate 24/7, 365 days of the year. You’ll even find a game on Christmas day.


Thankfully, the competition between bingo websites is fierce. You’ll find brands like MECCA BINGO, TOMBOLA and JACKPOT JOY are throwing promotional deals at players like you. On our site, we have reviewed trusted bingo portals where you can start playing today. Visit our ‘Where To Play’ page to get the low down on the latest promo deals.

Don’t be put off playing online if you’ve never tried it before. The online games are often better fun and offer bigger jackpots than those found in traditional bingo rooms. Signing up is really easy and only takes 2 minutes. Once you’re a member of a site, you’ll have instant access to 100s of bingo games daily. You can find totally free games and buy tickets from just 1p.


Another option for players is the traditional bingo hall. These places are still very popular with the public. Typically, bingo halls are open seven days a week, and sessions start around midday. You’ll need to register as a new member with most bingo clubs; it’s an easy process which can be done when you turn up. Mecca Bingo allows you to join your local club via an online registration process.

You can find your nearest bingo hall by searching Google. Visit the search engine and type ‘Bingo Halls in YOUR TOWN’ into the search bar. Replace YOUR TOWN with the name of the place you live. Alternatively, visit Mecca Bingo Club page to perform a search of their clubs nationwide. Popular bingo club brands in the UK include Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo. However, many local independent operators provide bingo games in a traditional setting.


Community Bingo is one area that is often overlooked by players. So what exactly is ‘Community Bingo’? Well, these are smaller games which take place all over the country. You’ll usually find them in local community centres, pubs, working men’s clubs and village halls.

These local bingo games are usually played for modest ticket prices and small prizes. The aim of these games is not to win big, but to foster a community spirit. They can be a great place to meet friends and make connections with local people.

The difficulty with Community Bingo is finding where the games are taking place and when. The best way to discover them is by keeping your eyes open! Check the notice boards at local libraries, community centres and shops. You might also find them listed in local newspapers.

So there you have it, our tips for the best ways to find where is bingo today. If you like to know more about playing online – check out our reviews of the most popular bingo portals.