Recently you’ll have heard about a new bingo craze (Bonkers Bingo) sweeping the country. In this short article, I will do my best to explain ‘What Is Bonkers Bingo?’ and how can you join the fun.


Try to imagine a Bingo game taking place in the middle of a rave. That’s the best way I can describe Bonkers Bingo. The game follows the same rules as the traditional bingo format. You’ll get a bingo card and you complete lines and full houses to win prizes. However, the whole night is geared towards having fun, rather than winning. Expect a lot of singing, dancing and drinking. Think of a Hen Party accidentally locked in a Mecca club with an open bar, and you’ll get the basic idea.


It all started as a crazy idea from two guys in Liverpool. The duo wanted to take the stale and boring bingo format and give it a new lease of life. The first ‘Bongo’s Bingo’ night was played out in the Camp & Furnace venue in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. Since then the format has gone global with Bonkers Bingo & Bongo’s Bingo being played all over the world.

You might have noticed I used the phrase ‘Bongo’s Bingo’ and ‘Bonkers Bingo’ interchangeably. You might be wondering why? Are these two things the same? Well, no. Bongo’s Bingo is a brand name of the original crazy bingo night founded in Liverpool. ‘Bonkers Bingo’ is the generic term for bingo nights which contain music, dancing and fun.

Think of it as the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola; these two drinks are the same but different. The official ‘Bongo’s Bingo’ nights often have big-name bookings like David Hasselhoff, The Vengaboys, Fatman Scoop and B*Witched, with substantial cash prizes on offer too. Bonkers Bingo nights at a local club might not be up to the same level but will still be loads of fun.


If you want tickets for the original ‘Bongo’s Bingo’ experience, you can buy them online at the Bongo’s Bingo website. Head over there and choose the city where you wish to play. Be warned – tickets sell out fast. Make sure you plan well in advance.

If you want to play Bonkers Bingo, you can get tickets for the night at Mecca Bingo online. It’s super easy. All you have to do is check your diary for a free weekend then choose where you want to go (Gateshead, Chester or Sheffield float your boat?) Mecca hosts Bonkers Bingo nights at many of its Local Bingo clubs across the country.


Dress to impress, dress for comfort or go crazy and wear a unicorn suit! It really doesn’t matter. This is ‘Bonkers Bingo’ everyone will be drunk in a few hours, and no one will care what you wear. Although, you might find yourself on the dancefloor for a few hours after the bingo games finish – so bring some gel inserts for the walk home.

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