A scratch card player in Ireland has scooped a €200,000 jackpot. The unnamed player bought their winning €10 ‘All Cash Spectacular’ card at Blanchfield’s Centra store in Mooncoin, Kilkenny.

Speaking to the Irish Sun Newspaper the winner said “I buy the same scratch card every week and win a few bob here and there but never believed that I was going to win this kind of money.

“I scratched the card in the car after I bought it in the shop and one of my numbers came up as a winner. I then realised it had the €200,000 symbol beside it!”

The player plans to pay-off the mortgage on the family home with the windfall. adding “It might hurt a little handing over almost all of the money to the bank manager but there is no greater security in life than being mortgage free.”

I must admit that it’s nice to hear someone being so sensible with a jackpot win. It makes a change from all those idiots who run out and buy a Ferrari, only to realise they’ve no money left to fill it up with petrol.

The Irish National Lottery confirmed that one remaining ‘All Cash Spectacular’ Jackpot scratch card is still in circulation in Ireland.