If you love a game of Bingo then you may already have heard of Mecca Bingo. One of the biggest bingo names in the UK, there are plenty of towns and cities have a Mecca Bingo hall. In fact, you may have already daubed a few bingo cards there! So, it’s no surprise that they are one most trusted names in bingo and that includes Mecca Bingo online as well.

Why should you consider Mecca Bingo for your online games? For starters, there are tonnes of benefits. Ease of play is a big factor and the good news is that the website is very easy to navigate around. It has a huge selection of games to choose from and it is a bright and colourful place to play. I have also gone through the site with a fine tooth comb for more great features…

Mecca Bingo App

Want to play your favourite games on the go? No problem with the Mecca Bingo app. Choose from a variety of bingo games including 1p bingo in Penny Lane. Plus, you can also take part in the very popular Best Odds Bingo (BOB).

This is a terrific bingo game that game levels the playing field. Every player has just 10 tickets and there are max 25 players per game. So the odds are definitely in your favour with BOB Bingo.

It goes without saying that to use the Mecca Bingo App you must be an online customer. Once you have signed-up you can then play from anywhere. Check out the new customer welcome offer and keep up to date with exciting promotions and exclusive offers. All direct from the app!

The Mecca Bingo App is available in both the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Mecca Bingo Prices

Like all online bingo sites, the prices of tickets will vary. Higher jackpot games generally command higher ticket prices. But don’t worry if you’re on a budget. At Mecca Bingo you can play for as little as 1p per ticket in the Penny Lane room. Open 24/7, you’ll never pay more than a penny for a ticket in this 90-ball bingo room. Plus you can buy up to 120 tickets per game.

Price then go up depending on which room you choose to play in. Some will be for as little as 2p or 5p per ticket. Others, such as BOB will be at least 50p per ticket. You can always check out the cost of bingo tickets when you to the website. Simply click on ‘Bingo Rooms’ and check each room. Or check the schedule in the bingo lobby.

Bingo Game Features

There are five main features associated with their bingo games online. Not all the games will include them all but if you check the bingo schedule you can see which offers are on at any given time.

  • 1TG or 2TG – So close but yet so far away. Not anymore if you’ve only got 1 or 2 left to dab out! When the game is won by somebody else, you’ll get a share of the 1 and 2 To Go prize pot.
  • Linked Games – The more players, the bigger the Jackpot. Games are linked to other rooms which means huge jackpots. Somebody’s got to win it!
  • Lucky Stars – this is exclusive to Mecca Bingo online. There is an extra £250 Lucky Stars Jackpot added to some of the games. Buy 6+ tickets for any of these selected games and you’ll get a starred number on each ticket. If you get a full house and it is claimed on your starred number, a share of the jackpot could be yours. You can find the Lucky Stars Jackpot Games by looking for the Star symbol in the bingo lobby.
  • Roll On Bingo – a really great addition, this is where there are extra house prizes. So you could get anything from one extra prize to 20.
  • Winning Wheel – this is an added feature in the game if you have bought at least 6 tickets. When the bingo game ends, the wheel will pop into view on your screen. It will stop on 1 of the 5 segments. Each segment shows a prize. Whatever this is, it’ll be split between all the eligible players in the room.

The information above is just a short guide about what you can expect at Mecca. There are always plenty of offers and promos every month. And they are excellent at keeping customers informed about big jackpot games. Check it out today!

Mecca Bingo


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