Resolution Time at bet365 Bingo


Let’s be fair, we all start the New Year off with a whole heap of Resolutions. Whether it’s to lose weight, drink less or join a gym to get ripped for a Fresh New Look…

However, let’s be honest, pretty much every resolution made will be broken before the month is out. You’ll go to the gym twice and not go again for the rest of the year. Chocolate and junk food creep their way back into your diet and that nice bottle of red catches your eye in the supermarket. Well, bet365 bingo has a promotion just for you.

What is the It’s Resolution Time Promotion?

Well, this is a resolution that is easy to keep. Putting it simply, bet365 bingo has set up a special Resolutions Room and all you need to do is head on over to the Resolutions Room to be in with a chance of picking up a share of the prize pool. Which is over £1000 each week. The best bit is that the tickets start at just 5p a ticket, so this is a resolution that will be hard to give up.

How long is the It’s Resolution Time Promotion Running for?

Let’s say, most Resolutions don’t make it past the Month of January. And that is the case for this promotion from bet365 Bingo. Key nights to remember are a Wednesday and Friday night. Because from 21.00 until 21.59, on these nights throughout the month of January 2020. Ten promotional games will be played for cash prizes. Look out for thew special features too, offering Roll Ons and To Gos.

* Additional Terms and Conditions Apply – Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions for the It’s Resolution Time Promotion on the Promotions Page at bet365 Bingo.