Brand New The Machine Bingo Game at Tombola

The Machine Bingo Game

Now, let’s be straight here, the way that Bingo is played has always been in a very similar format. But, if you are looking for something new, then Tombola Bingo is the place to be. Because the team at Tombola keeps coming up with brand new ways to play bingo and they are like no bingo game that you have ever seen before.

There have been a whole host of different games produced exclusively in-house by Tombola. So, this year they have their latest offering, The Machine. Here’s a good reason to play it, the RTP is guaranteed to be above 80%, not bad hey. As with some of the other games from Tombola, this is a multi-stake game with ticket prices of 10p, 25p, 50p, or £1. Up for grabs are three prizes, Silver, Gold, and The Pressure Prize. Just keep your eyes on the pressure gauge, because if you win The Pressure Prize, you win every prize.

The first thing that you will notice, is the victorian mechanical theme. It’s like you are playing in the inner workings of some steam-driven machine from the past. For instance, your first choice is to choose from the Train Room, the Aeroplane Room, the Submarine Room, the Airship Room, and the Tank Room. Each of these rooms is a separate game that could be available at different times. So make your choice from the rooms that are playing at that time.

You will be playing with two cards, one with eight numbers and the other with twelve. Now, these correspond to the two cogs in the game. There is a Gold cog on the outside and a Silver cog within that. As they turn, the numbers are revealed and the aim is to call your numbers before anyone else does. Call all the Gold Numbers and get the Gold Prize and you guessed it, call the Silver numbers to get that prize.

But wait, what about the pressure gauge. Well, as the numbers are called, if that number has a light blue circle over it, the pressure builds up. Now, if this happens six times in a row The Pressure Prize blows and you will win all of the prizes available that have not been won yet.

The Machine At Tombola

Is The Machine a Good Bingo Game?

Well, it may take a little bit of getting used to, but The Machine certainly offers something unique. Plus the graphics are brilliant, this is a game that has a lot going for it.

It’s interesting and fun to play and the ticket prices do offer something for all budgets. Plus with an RTP of above 80%, this machine has got to get your cogs turning.