Your Guide To Bingo Lingo And Chat Terms

A big part of the experience when playing bingo online is all of the fun names that are used. One of the first things that you have to get used to is the names shouted out for the bingo balls.

Anyone who has been playing bingo for some time will be very aware that if you are not familiar with the sayings then you could be at a disadvantage. But it’s not just the names for the bingo balls that you need to learn now.

You will notice when you start playing bingo online that there are chat facilities on the screen. Once you get used to them you will realise how big the online community is. However, when you first venture into the chat rooms it can be a little bit daunting.

Plus, because it is at such a high pace everyone uses acronyms or abbreviations. And if you have never seen any of these you will be mighty confused. So, here we have a list of the most common bingo lingo used that will get you on your way.

Common Bingo Lingo Chat Room Shorthand

To use our handy guide below just click on the little plus sign (+) to find out what the letters mean.

AFAIK…. As far as I know

AFK…. Away from keyboard

AFK2P…. Away from keyboard (to pee)

ASAP…. As soon as possible

BB…. Be back later

BF…. Boyfriend

BLNT…. Better luck next time

BRB…. Be right back

BTW…. By the way

CYA…. See ya

CYAL8R…. See ya all later

GF…. Girlfriend

GG…. Good going (good game)

GLA…. Good luck all

JTLYK…. Just to let you know

LMAO…. Laughing my @$$ off

LOL…. Laughing out loud

OMG…. Oh my god

ROFLMAO…. Rolling on floor laughing my @$$ off

SOHF…. Sense of humor failure

TTYL…. Talk to you later

TYVM…. Thank you very much

WTG…. Way to go

WTH…. What/who the heck


Tips for Bingo Chat Rooms

Now that you are fluent in bingo lingo the next step is to understand that there are some simple rules to stick to when using a bingo chat room. We all want to have the best experience that we can and everyone who is in the chat room are all there to have fun.

Plus, with thousands of people all chatting away, you are likely to make a lot of new friends there. So follow these simple steps and you are going to have a great time.

1) Respect the moderators – Every chat room always has a group of moderators to keep everyone on the right track. Just remember that they are there to help you.

Plus, they often hand out prizes so it makes sense to stay on their good side. A good tip is that moderators will be typing in uppercase so that it is clear who they are.

2) Be vigilant – Just like anywhere else, there can be some scammers out there. So never give out personal information. I know it sounds obvious, but keep your passwords to yourself. If someone is asking for something and it does not feel right then it probably isn’t.

3) Treat people well – Make sure that when you see a newcomer, give them a big welcome. Remember that you were new to the chat room too once and it just makes it nicer for everyone.

As with anything, the longer you are in the chat rooms and the more you use them the easier it will become. But we all need to start somewhere, so hopefully, our simple guide to Bingo Lingo will get you off on the right track.